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 My name is Lauren Contino.I am not a licensed rescuer. I am a 501 3c as a Donation Center. I am a DBA STASTW and registered in Suffolk County New York. There are a lot of animal lovers and animal rescuers who work tirelessly across the country to help save animals -- particularly dogs and cats.  Why do we need another "Save The Animals" web site? Because it costs money to save animals from kill shelters. And so many rescuers have  cannot afford to save more animals. In fact that they are licensed to retrieve animals who are on kill lists.

 I just cannot sit idle and do nothing while so many animals are hurt, neglected, and killed. My heart simply breaks every time I see a horrible news story about an animal who has been so badly mistreated that it doesn't know that a human hand can be kind. There are One Million Pitbulls killed each year in shelters. Shelter animals are mostly PITBULLS that have been needlessly killed simply because of their breed. Know one was able to rescue them in time. So I decided that I wanted to try to DO SOMETHING to make a difference.

Alone, we may not be able to do much. But together, we can make a HUGE difference in their lives of these animals. It costs approximately $400 to save a dog from euthenasia. My goal with this web site is to allow each of us to donate what we can.We can FUND A RESCUE, one animal at a time, one emergency at a time. We can make this site successful and spread the word. We can begin to fund rescues countrywide. When a rescuer gets a call, we can come to THEIR rescue so they have the money to do what they do best... SAVE THE ANIMALS.




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