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Animal Angels


Pet Frist Aid Kit

1.   Emergency Information Card

2.   Identification for each animal

3.   Leashes

4.   Frist Aid Companion for Dogs and Cats


5.   Absorbent gauze pads

6.   Adhesive tab

7.   Antiseptic wipes, lotion, powder or spray

8.   Blanket (foil emergency blanket)

9.   Cotton balls or swabs

10. Gauze rolls

11.  Ice Pack

12.  Non-latex disposable gloves

13.  Petroleum jelly for thermometer

14.  Rectal thermometer

15. Your Pet's Temperature should not

      rise above 103 F or fall below 100 F

16. Scissors (with blunt ends)

17. Sterile non-stick gauze pads for bandages

18. Sterile saline solutions 

      Sold at pharmacies  

19. Tweezers

20. Pillowcase to confine your cats treatment

21. Pet carrier

22. Life Preserver Jackets for your dog/dogs

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